The Most Attractive and Versatile Cigar Holder!

What is a GripClip?
The GripClip is a wooden cigar holder that safely secures lit cigars to different things such as (but not limited to) golf carts, or boats.
The GripClip enables a cigar smoker (who is playing golf or boating) to use both hands and keep their lit cigars clean, dry, and safe.

Who Should Have a GripClip?
Cigar smokers who play golf, own a boat, fish, sit in lounge chairs, camp, cook outdoors, ride bicycles, cut grass, or drive a car.
Why Should I Choose the GripClip?
  • Sleek, Attractive Design – It is compact for portability and ease of storage.
  • Functionality – The adjustable tension on the grip end enables it to clip virtually anywhere. It will safely hold lit cigars (without damage) to golf carts - even at full speed!
  • Solid Wood Construction and Mahogany Finish – It is attractive and compliments the finest cigars.
  • Great Gift Idea – It is economical – individually boxed and has a MSRP of only $14.95.