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8950 Huntcliff Trce
Atlanta, GA 30350

Who is GF Enterprises?

GF Enterprises is a company established in 1997 to design, manufacture and market the GripClip. We employ a network of manufacturer's representatives and distributors to help us sell our product.

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia.

Corporate Officers: Peggy & Alan Kuniansky, David Tenenbaum

Why doesn't GripClip have a phone number?

Most of our sales and customer contacts are handled through our network of distributors and fine retail cigar stores. They do an excellent job of promoting our product. If you have questions, or would like to speak to a company representative, please e-mail us and we will gladly answer your question, or contact you as you wish.

Company Mission Statement

GF Enterprises will provide quality product(s) worldwide, at reasonable prices, that will enhance the enjoyment of cigar smoking.