The Story of the GripClip

In the mountains of north Georgia on a Saturday afternoon during the summer of 1982, two good friends were playing a round of golf and enjoying a good smoke.

As they hacked their way through the course and approached each shot, they realized they were continually looking for a "good place" to rest their cigars. It seemed every time they needed to put them down they had to contend with either wet grass, sand, the wind, or some other inconvenience.

On the way back to their mountain retreat, they stopped by a local hardware store with the idea of solving the problem. It was there the concept of the GripClip was borne. They connected two metal battery clips back-to-back. One end would clamp to the golf cart and the other end would hold the cigar!

The next time they played golf they tried it and it worked! So simple, and yet so functional. It was great!

One evening a few years ago, the two good friends had finished dinner and were enjoying a cigar. One said "hey, let's market our clip". The other friend said "hey, why not!". So the good friends went to work. After months of design, re-design, and testing, the new GripClip was introduced to the retail cigar market at the RTDA show in Nashville, Tennessee in 1997. Today GF has satisfied customers coast to coast in the US as well as Canada, Europe, Asia, and Mexico.

Once you see it, feel it, and try it, we are certain you'll agree that the GripClip is the most attractive and versatile cigar holder on the market.